Ladies Afternoon Tea – Celebrating One Year of Halal Food Bank in Perth

The ladies afternoon tea marked the one year anniversary of the Halal Food Bank project in Perth. Alhamdulillah, what a milestone!

We had over 100 ladies attend bringing with them very generous donations for the project. Our MC for the day was none other than the witty, lyrically flexible and impassioned representative of Murdoch Uni MSA Jeanne Burger.  Not only did Jeanne confidently grace the hall with her unique style and demeanor but also brought her South African cheekiness to the stage. Thank you Jeanne for your continued support!

Maryam Khan, Halal Food Bank co-ordinator gave our guests an overview of the project and thanked her team of dedicated volunteers. Guest speaker, Shamim Samani, from the Muslim Women’s Support Centre highlighted the needs of their clients and shared with us the positive impact the project has already had on their clients.

Over a delicious afternoon tea which included beautiful home made biscuits, samosa’s, pastries and itty bitty cupcakes, new friendships were ignited and conversations about community involvement followed.  Having satisfied their tea cravings with peppermint tea and chai, the ladies were taken through a mock packing day. Each table was challenged to create recipes that would suffice two people over a two week period. And as you can imagine, our attendees rose to the challenge determined!

A discussion ensued as everyone realised just how difficult fulfilling such a task actually is. The mood of the hall became somewhat sombre and reflective as our thoughts immediately went to the families who face such dire circumstances everyday.

To cap off the event we discussed ideas and solutions to making HFB more effective and efficient for the community. Perhaps being here was a reflection of how a community of women can come together to make a difference and show that they care. The willingness and sincere concern that all the attendees showed, from high school students, to the more mature woman, was inspired and inspiring and a testament to what can be achieved regardless of race, creed or culture.

The Delicious Spread

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